Thursday, June 25, 2020

Very Brief Blog: AMA Genomic Payment Group: Gender Orientation Questionnaire for Panelists

AMA is convening a Genomic Payment Advisory Group, and recently solicited nominations; I was nominated and set a gender orientation and other demographics questionnaire.   I've clipped below.

Gender identity, and sexual orientation, are treated separately, and the answers are separated to emphasize these are two different topics.  

In a follow up email, AMA clarified that diversity data (ethnic, race, gender self identification, orientation) is tabulated separately (as in blinded peer review, where a manuscript is circulated for review with no author names) from the applicant's C.V. and credentials.  Then a diversity rating/ranking is compiled and that is relayed to the committee choosing GPAG members.


Genomics Payment Advisory Group
Diversity Statement

The AMA is convening a Genomics Payment Advisory Group (GPAG).  GPAG members will provide subject matter expertise and assistance to the AMA to address a range of issues that impact precision medicine and genetic testing. 

This group will represent various stakeholder groups (e.g., laboratories, health systems, payers, manufacturers, etc.) as well as the diversity of the population that these medical advances serve. 

We believe that members should bring an openness to addressing the health equity implications of the work of the GPAG. 

While nominees selected to the GPAG will bring diverse perspectives, they will also commit to representing the best interest of medicine and public health, and not the desires of an individual organization or professional society. 

We request the following self-reported diversity statement and optional demographic information. 

This information will be used for the GPAG selection process.

1.     Candidate’s Diversity Statement. In one to two paragraphs, please describe how you will bring diversity to the position for which you are applying.

2.     Demographics.  

a.  Are you a person with a disability?      Yes             No
Explain, if desired:                                                                               

b.  What is your gender identity?

Choose an item [dropbox].   If Other:_____                                              

c.  Are you Hispanic or Latino?        Yes             No

What is your self-identified race? Choose an item.  If Other:_____

d.  What is your sexual orientation?  Choose an item.  If Other:_____