Thursday, February 20, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Center for Connected Medicine's 2020 "Top of Mind" Healthcare Innovation Report

I saw several press releases recently that pointed back to the same source, a 26-page survey report of how hospitals and providers are thinking about innovation, released by the Pittsburgh-based Center for Connected Medicine (CCM).

Some quick links:
  • Read about the CCM here.
  • See their blog/news page here.
  • See their view on the fits-and-starts roll-out of digital health here.
  • See their summary of precision medicine findings in the 26-page report here.
  • Download the 26-page Top of Mind report here.


By the way, in Southern California, where I'm based, this month both UC-Irvine and UCLA hold interesting health innovation conferences.   See the the 2020 Health Forecast conference at Irvine here (Feb. 20-21) and the UCLA medtech/digital health conference here (March 3).