Sunday, February 23, 2020

Very Brief Blog: Proposed Pathology CPT Codes Reviewable - on Whirlwind Schedule

The AMA CPT editorial panel meets three times a year - roughly February, May, October - and posts abbreviated descriptions of each proposed code some six weeks in advance (March 13, 2020), allowing stakeholders to request code application packets and submit comments.

(Commenters must have a direct relationship to the code in question, however, which AMA reviews before sending the packet out to the stakeholder.  For example, my status as a consultant interested in CPT trends doesn't qualify me to get copies of new digital health codes.  However, if I was a digital health company with a product or service that would likely use the code, that would qualify as a stakeholder.)

However, pathology codes are on a whirlwind schedule.  Path/Lab codes, which were due at AMA around February 12, have been posted already and if you want to comment, you must state your intent in an email to AMA by Wednesday February 26 at the latest.

AMA will send you materials, which you can comment on by March 2.

The PDF agenda (and comment instructions) for the May 2020 CPT meeting are online here.  Again, you must respond to AMA by Feb 26 if you want your input considered.  If you are interested in non-path non-lab codes, check back with AMA around March 15 when those codes will appear online.

Codes include:
  • Carbamazepine drug assay
  • Felbamate drug assay
  • Drug assays for flecainide, itraconazole, leflunomide, methotrexate, rufuinamde.
  • MAAA code for adrenal cortex malignancy risk
  • MAAA code for 70 gene breast cancer risk panel by microarray OR by NGS
  • MAAA for bladder cancer subtyping
  • MAAA for bacterial vaginosis
  • MAAA for allograft rejection
  • GSP (genomic sequencing eg NGS) code for solid tumors editing coding and placement of RNA analysis
  • Cat III code 0500T HPV genotyping elevate to Cat I
  • Campylobacter antigen
  • Free estradiol test (multiple revisions)
Comments will be circulated  to the Pathology Coding Caucus, a group that includes CAP, AMP, ACLA, Advamed, and other major organizations.  They will also become part of the file available to the CPT committee of the whole.


Some CPT dates (here).  Applications were due Feb. 12 for CPT Chicago May 14-16, 2020.  Applications will be due June 30 for CPT New Orleans October 1-3, 2020.   Applications will be due November 4, 2020, for the AMA CPT in Phoenix February 4-6, 2021.   In each case, Path/Lab codes open for comment about 7-10 days after they are due, while other codes open for comment about 60 days prior to the CPT meeting.


The results of panel actions are posted at:

The September 2019 Seattle meeting has been posted, but not yet the February 2020 SF meeting.