Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Google AI System Speeds Surgical Pathology Work

In the field of radiology, Qure AI has raised over $30M to bring AI methods into radiologic diagnostics (here), and the impact of AI on radiology is widely discussed (here, here, here).

The Dark Daily news blog this week highlights a publication in Am J Surg Path finding that pathologists self-report faster and easier detection of lymph node micrometastases with AI-assisted vision.   Dark Daily here.  (Includes numerous links of further interest).   The new article is open-access at Am J Surg Path; see here by Steiner et al.

It's AI work coming of Google/Verily.   Verily has a college-campus-sized set of glass buildings in South San Francisco, just north of SFO and just west of the Genentech campus.


For a trade journal article on pharma investments in digital, here.

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For a November 2018 article in APLM on new FDA approval for whole slide imaging, Evans et al., here.