Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Very Brief Blog: HHS Issues Report on Data Sharing

Today I had the chance to speak on CMS & Big Data at a conference in Washington sponsored by Academy Health.  Mona Siddiqi of HHS talked about a newly published, 2017-2018 survey of the HHS agencies (FDA, NIH, CMS, etc) and how well they were facing the challenges and the upside potential of data sharing. 

The 34-page report is online here.

Key points, as summarized by Healthcare Dive here, include: 

  • Efforts to increase data sharing among HHS agencies are hampered by the lack of a transparent and standardized protocols; 
  • While isolated successes in interagency data sharing have occurred, an enterprise-wide data-sharing framework is needed to efficiently scale; 
  • The report identifies an array of legal, technical and cultural challenges to enterprise-wide data sharing, along with next steps to advance HHS goals.
Additional trade press here and here.  HHS press release here.