Thursday, March 8, 2018

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts CPT Decisions from February 2018 San Diego Editorial Panel

CPT meets three times a year and posts decisions about 30 days after each meeting.  Decisions on proposed codes from February 2018 (San Diego) are posted at AMA, here.

The subsequent CPT application deadline was in mid February and the next CPT panel meeting is May 17-19, 2018, in San Antonio.  After that, the next CPT deadline is June 25, 2018, for the September 27-29 meeting in Boston.

My strictly informal tally (your count may vary) is 2 deletions, 8 revised codes, and 11 new code actions.  (Within the lab field, these include 30 new Cat I genetic codes as a set, and 10 new PLA codes as a set.) 

4 applications were rejected, 2 tabled, and about 10 withdrawn prior to voting. 

The panel passed a set of mixed revisions, deletions, and new codes regarding BRCA testing.