Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Very Brief Blog: New Book on Personalized Medicine: Kristin Poithier of EY

Kristin Pothier, who was a partner at consultancy Health Advances and now is Global Head of Life Sciences Strategy at EY, has published a new book on precision medicine.  Titled "Personalizing Precision Medicine: Global Voyage from Vision to Reality," it was released by Wiley in October. Amazon webpage here.

The publisher notes, Pothier "reviews the full continuum of personalizing precision medicine, including diagnostics, therapeutics, big data, supportive care, regulation, and reimbursement and innovation in precision medicine worldwide."

Other recent titles have been, "Genomics and Personalized Medicine: What Everyone Needs to Know" (Michael Snyder, Oxford, 2016, Amazon) and "The Personalized Medicine Revolution" (Pieter Cullis, Greystone, 2015, Amazon) and "Genomic and Precision Medicine, 3rd Edition" (Ginsburg & Willard, Academic Press, 2016, Amazon) and "Precision Medicine: Guide to Genomics in Clinical Practice" (McCarthy & Mendelsohn, McGraw-Hill, 2017, Amazon.)

Also of interest, recent books that look at digital health, data, and precision medicine together.  These include "Moneyball Medicine," by Glorikian & Branca (2017), "Fourth Wave" by Paul Sonnier (2017), and "Realizing the Promise of Precision Medicine: Patient Data, Mobile Technology, Consumer Engagement," Cerrato & Halamka (2017).