Thursday, August 24, 2017

Very Brief Blog: ASU's George Poste & Presentations on Precision Medicine

One of the leading thinkers on trends in precision medicine is George Poste of the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative (CASI) at ASU.   This week he presented the keynote at the Second Annual Precision Medicine Leaders Summit in San Diego.   His keynote decks are always masterful and full of carefully integrated journal citations right up to the week he is speaking.  They are archived at ASU, here.

Find Poste's August 2017 San Diego deck, "Complex Strategic Landscape for Precision Medicine," 91 pages, online here.  

From the deck inventory (here), see also his recent decks on "The Multi Dimensional Complexity of Drug Pricing," (here), "Immunophenotyping to Differentiate Responder and Non Responder Patients in Cancer Immunotherapy," (here), and others.

At the San Diego conference, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel on Digital Genomics, with Sean Scott of Qiagen, Michael Reese of Fabric Genomics, Reece Hart of Genome Medical, and systems biologist Enrico Capobianco of University of Miami.