Thursday, August 31, 2017

September Conference on Lab Benefit Managers and Related Topics

Over the past year, there's been a rapidly rising level of interest in laboratory benefit managers (LBMs), which provide services to payers regarding appropriate claims processing of lab test payments (e.g. for articles in the last few days see here, herehere).
On September 26-27, 2017,  there's a two day meeting in Nashville  on this and related topics.  It's called Genetic Health Information Network Summit and the website is:   here.

Registration is by invitation, but there's a link to communicate with the conference organizers if you would like to attend.

Speakers include Lee Newcomer of United Healthcare, Suzanne Belinson of BCBS Evidence Street, Robert Green of Harvard, David McCallie of Cerner, and more.

See also the CBI "Prior Authorization Summit," to be held in SF on October 24-25, 2017, here.

For an article on multiple companies being develop to "ease the burden of preauthorization," see MedCityNews on five startups, here.

For another example of payers either being "smarter" or "playing hardball," Modern Healthcare reports that Anthem will stop paying (period) for MRIs and CTs in hospital outpatient centers, because it's much cheaper in freestanding centers (pricing of $1,500 versus $500 cited in the article).