Monday, April 24, 2017

Very Brief Blog: When will the July 2017 CLFS Meeting Be?

Each July, CMS holds a public meeting for discussion of pricing issues for new CLFS codes.  For the past two years, the meeting has also included a public session of the PAMA Clinical Laboratory Advisory Panel (which also discusses new code pricing recommendations.)  Webpage for these meetings is here.

Occasionally, CMS has locked and announced the July date as early as the first quarter.  This year, it's almost May and we don't know yet.

Here's for the betting person:

2016: July 18, 3rd Monday
2015: July 16, 3rd Thursday
2014: July 14, 2nd Monday
2013: July 10, 2nd Wednesday

With that landscape, looks like the 2017 date will fall between Monday July 10 at the earliest and Thursday July 20 at the latest.  ...When it is announced.