Sunday, April 30, 2017

Brief Blog: Three New Popular Books on Genetics

The last several weeks have seen publication of three popular books on genetics and the genetics industry.

In The Gene Machine, Bonnie Rochman surveys how genomics - such as Ashkenazi and expanded carrier screening (here, here) and NIPT - are influencing family planning decisions.   Companies like Counsyl are profiled.   In Mercies in Disguise, experienced science journalist Gina Kolata profiles a family with the rare, fatal adult onset neurological disease Gerstmann Straussler Sheinker Syndrome.  In The Family Gene, Joselin Linder describes her family's battle with an N of 1 genetic disorder causing liver failure - known as a "private mutation."  

  • Amazon hotlinks to Gene Machine, Mercies in Disguise, and The Family Gene.
    • All are available as books and ebooks; Mercies and Family Gene as audiobooks too.
  • NYT review of Mercies in Disguise and Family Gene, here.  Gene Machine reviewed here.
  • Gina Kolata describes how she wrote her book, here.