Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tracking JP Morgan Life Sciences Conference: Key Links

The week of January 9, the 35th annual JP Morgan Life Sciences conference is being held in San Francisco (trade press here at Business Insider)..  While access to the meeting is tightly locked down, many of the presentations will be available as streaming audio, variably for weeks or months.

You can get to the Log In page here:

After the simple login (name, email, hit return) you have access to live and archived webcasts and as well the full four-day agenda.  Some 400 companies (public and pre-public) will deliver presentations to 4000 investors.  Once you have logged on, on your device, this link takes you to the presentations agenda and archives to streaming or audio files.

JP Morgan Panels - about a half dozen, from "the future of diagnostics" to Joe Biden Fireside Chat, to Greg Simon of Cancer Moonshot - are also archived for streaming.

JP Morgan Research Reports - Once you're logged on, click Research Reports for some major deep dives, like a 157pp report on the global diagnostics and genomic tools industry.

Keynote and Special Presentations [ JPM 2017 ] [Requires Login w Email]

Diagnostics Outlook PanelHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
Fireside Chat with Andy Slavitt, CMSHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
Fireside Chat with Greg SimonHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
Great Debate: Pricing, Innovation & Delivering Value In the New Era of Medicine, TheHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
Investing in Data: The Future of Health DeliveryHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
MetaSub Results PresentationHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA
Special Presentation - Joe BidenHTML5 FLASH WINDOWS MEDIA