Thursday, January 19, 2017

Brief Blog: Digital Genomics, SAP CoSponsors Precision Medicine Webinar with ASCO

Continuing the them of digital genomics, in February 2017 the interntional enterprise software company SAP will co-sponsor a two part course/webinar with ASCO on precision medicine in oncology.

For an article about the project at Forbes, here.  The course is in a MOOC series branded as OpenSAP.   See more about the course content and registration, here.   It runs February 14-March 15, 2017.

The specific course sounds interesting, and will highlight Big Data and ASCO's CacerLINQ program.
However, it is also part of an emerging advanced software layer in the genomics industry, with other examples being as diverse as IBM Watson's recently announced collaboration with Quest and genomics software/service companies including (e.g.) Syapse, MolecularHealth, Farsight, GenomOncology, MolecularMatch, NofOne, Cellworks, DNA Nexus, Pierian, Translational Software, YouScript, DarwinHealth, and others.

For an archived February 2016 white paper on the advent of "digital genomics industry,"  here.