Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pathology CPT 2017: By the Numbers

Over the last several years, MoPath has grown from a few lines in the AMA CPT codebook to 20 pages, plus another 14 pages of gene table names.   I put this in context of the Laboratory Medicine AMA CPT book for CY2017.

MoPath approaches half of the pathology section now (43 of 100 pages).

Page 479 - Table of Contents
Pages 480-494 - MoPath Gene Name Tables 
    (e.g. international gene abbreviation + full name + corresponding CPT, usually Tier 2)
Page 498 - "Guide"
    (mostly lists the unlisted codes)
Pages 496-497 - Chemistry Panels
     (These are given CMS heartburn re PAMA pricing; see here)
Pages 498-507 - Drug Assays
Pages 509-538 - Molecular Pathology (Tier 1, Tier 2, MAAA, GSP, etc)
Pages 539-567 - Chemistry, Microbiology
Pages 568-576 - Cytopath, Anatomic Path, IHC/ISH
Pages 577-578 - Odds and Ends; Reproductive Path