Tuesday, February 23, 2016

High Impact Digital Health: A "Beta" White Paper

This week, I had the chance to Chair a very forward-looking conference held by the New York Venture Capital Association on Digital Health.

To help organize my thoughts, I created a "working version" or "beta version" white paper that extends some of the themes raised in an earlier document, "Digital Health: The Impact on Genomics." (here).    The earlier genomics paper takes a bottom-up construction, starting with about 12 real companies, putting them in categories, and drawing inferences and conclusions about industry trends.   This "beta" white paper on "Path to High Impact" takes the opposite construction, starting with some high level or 20,000 foot conceptions of health care and potential reasons for digital impact or transformation, and working to some rules and applications.

The "beta" white paper on digital health - the path to high impact -  is in the cloud, here.