Thursday, June 4, 2015

Light news: Word maps

For several years, I've seen word maps based on the frequency of words on the web or in a document.  It turns out these can be generated for free at .

Here is a word map of a project I wrote in January on PAMA and Point of Care tests:

Here's the word map of the Diagnostic Test Working Group plan for FDA reform (here):

This is a genomics discussion meeting this spring at a university:

This is a Wall Street conference on genomics:

This is an Institute of Medicine webinar on genomics (my notes):

This is the transcript of an FDA workshop on harmonization of combination diagnostics approvals (here):

This is the CCLA lawsuit against CMS being dismissed by a federal court (here):
Below is a long June 2015 blog on Medicaid managed care reform (here):

While this is the actual law that the blog above is discussing (here):


In September 2013, CMS published a final (essentially) non coverage decision for beta-amyloid PET scans related to Alzheimer's disease.  The decision is here:

A lawsuit against CMS about this decision is here:

And the government's response to the lawsuit is here: