Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cancer Letter: MED-C in 10,000 Words

Cancer Letter, a trade journal edited by Paul Goldberg, has published a cover article on MED-C, a proposed genomic registry to collate genomic and community outcome data in oncology.   I discussed the MED-C program in an earlier post (February 1, 2015; "Is the Learning Healthcare System Almost Suddenly Here?" -  here).

On May 8, the Cancer Letter published a detailed article on MED-C, plus a lengthy interview with its leader, Dr. Dane Dickson.  Together, the articles total almost 10,000 words.   Links after the break.

Cancer Letter's home page is here.  The article about MED-C is here.  The detailed interview with Dr. Dickson is here.  Cancer Letter also posts a six-page white paper about MED-C, here.   The public website is here.  (See also a case study of one of Dr. Dickson's patients, where an important mutation was missed on hot spot sequencing but found on full sequencing - here.)

The MED-C white paper, in the cloud here.