Thursday, March 5, 2015

Two Interesting Reports from Milken Institute: Innovation in Healthcare

The Santa Monica-based Milken Institute released two interesting reports on healthcare innovation in the past year, one in March 2015 and one in July 2014.

The first report, Healthy Savings: Medical Technology and the Economic Burden of Disease (70 pp), discusses ways that new medical technologies can be cost-saving and cost-effective.   Available here. 

The second report, Hedging Pipeline Risk in Pharma, is shorter and quirkier (15 pp), available here.  The authors argue that novel approaches to assessing risk, borrowed from the financial risk markets and thought capital, could be applied to pipeline risk in pharma.   For my blog on structured risk benefit assessment at the FDA, see here.

For additional thought capital from a division of the Milken Foundation, see the Faster Cures website, here.   A screen shot from the Faster Cures home page is this: