Thursday, December 4, 2014

My talk at California Society of Pathologists

On December 5, I had the chance to give a short talk as part of a panel on changes in payer policy and how they are impacting practicing pathologists.  The location was the nationally popular winter California Society of Pathologists meeting, which gives both Californians and pathologists from cold wintry states a December trip to San Francisco for CME credits.   The final program is available here.

I was pinch hitting for a senior Medicare speaker, but did my best both to talk about what is going on at Medicare vis-a-vis pathology and to convey how the field, profession, or industry (take your pick) looks from the viewpoint of a Medicare policymaker.  My deck for the presentation is available in the cloud, here.

My key points were...

•  Federal policy changes for pathology are legion
•  Local changes to pathology policy
•  MolDX Program
•  How pathology looks to policymakers
•  Can changes be more selective?