Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Lawsuits, Associations Go After "Gouging" on COVID Test Prices

In legislation in spring 2020, Congress required COVID testing to be covered without a copay, and set the price as the lab's public price on its website.   HHS reminded payors of their obligations in a June 9 announcement - here.

But from the payor side, incoming missiles.  See an article July 26 at MedCityNews about a BCBS plan suing a test provider over "price gouging."  Here.  They also posted the 29-page legal document here.  BCBS press release here.

See also AHIP, the payors' trade association.   See their price release about COVID test pricing and exceptional (high) pricing - here.  It's paired with a 3-page infographic, here.

News stories about the lab date back to 12/2020 (here).