Thursday, February 23, 2023

AMA Posts May CPT Meeting Registration and Lab Codes for Early Comment

 AMA has posted a registration and agenda page for the May 4-6 2023 hybrid CPT meeting in Chicago.   Registration will open February 27.

AMA posts lab code applications very early to allow time for public comment prior to the subcommittees meetings.   

Lab codes here:

If you want to comment on a lab code, you must request an information packet by March 3, and return it by March 6.

There are lab applications big and small:

  • Acetylcholine receptor antibody
  • About twenty MORE Cat III codes relative to glass slide digitization (there were already quite a few prior to these new ones)
  • Revision of MAAA code 81528 to include protein markers.  This is the Cologuard code (Exact Sciences).
  • Applications for Cat I, optical genome mapping (OGM) for tumor and for germline (2 codes)
  • Yet again an application for "gadolinium serum level" 
  • Hep D q-PCR
  • An Admin MAAA code for CV disease risk
  • Cat I code for patient-normal sequence variants to match a tumor sequencing procedure
  • Two Cat I codes for molecular testing for microbial resistance
  • 5 codes for "ultra sensitive protein detection procedures"