Thursday, July 28, 2022

Technical Updates August 1: Repairs to Email Push Service for "Discoveries" Blogs

Back in 2017, my webmaster and I set up a link on Discoveries in Health Policy (upper right) that lets you either subscribe (1) via a blog reader, OR, (2) by email feed.  Google has dropping its years-old Feedburner services (herehere.)   Email feeds to my blog, for several hundred subscribers, may have stopped 7/22/2022.

I believe I've set up an account with the Feedblitz company to manage email lists.

I've added a Feedblitz Subscribe widget at the top right of the blog, and I have set the default for "Mon and Thurs" emails.   The go-live edition is Monday, August 1.

I've migrated already active Feedburner emails to Feedblitz.  If you get a posting you don't want, just click unsubscribe from Feedblitz.   If you are missing the updates on Monday and Thursday, check if Feedblitz triggers "spam."  And you want to manually update or subscribe, here's a link.

Rather than email feeds, I aggregate blogs and news sources in the reader FEEDLY.  Read about that here.