Thursday, December 16, 2021

AMA Releases 18 Page White Paper from July Workshop on Precision Medicine and Coding

 In July, AMA held a public all day town hall meeting on whether CPT could be improved to better serve the needs of precision medicine.

At the time, I listened all day and I was very happy they were holding the session, but I found it difficult to describe any home-run take home lessons as materializing during the day.

Now you can read for yourself.  AMA has issued an 18 page white paper summarizing the meeting.

Find it here:
The AMA and the CPT Editorial Panel thank stakeholders who participated and contributed their perspectives and insights. 

Attendees and other interested parties can download a copy of the meeting summary at the following link:

**AMA CPT Diagnostic Precision Medicine Virtual Meeting Summary**
 Best regards and happy holidays,
 AMA and CPT Editorial Panel