Friday, October 2, 2020

Very Brief Blog: AMA Updates PLA Descriptors for October 2020

 At the beginning of each quarter, AMA CPT takes applications for new PLA codes, processes them in a few weeks, and releases the code descriptors at the end of the quarter.

Accordingly, AMA CPT released new PLA descriptors on October 1, 2020.  Here, here.  AMA keeps a cumulative PDF which has all PLA code changes since the last edition of the annual main CPT codebook (went to press 7/2019, printed 9/2019, effective CY2020).

Codes released for October 1, 2020, run from 0227U to 0239U, adding 13 new codes. The highest code is FMI Liquid CDx, 0239U.   


AMA releases COVID related codes faster, on a rolling schedule within a few weeks of each COVID code submitted.   COVID codes don't have to wait for a quarterly update.

9 of the codes belong to Variantyx, which already has a number of earlier PLA codes, making it one of the heaviest adopters of PLA coding.  I believe it tallies 16 total codes or about 7% of all PLA codes.