Monday, March 23, 2020

AMA Makes May 2020 CPT Meeting Virtual - And Posts Full Code Agenda for Comment

Recall that AMA posts lab codes for public comment during a very brief window a couple weeks after the code applications are due, and months before the relevant CPT Editorial Meeting.  See lab codes for comment in February 2020 for the May 2020 meeting (here).

New news.   AMA has announced the May 14-16 CPT Editorial Panel Meeting will be virtual, so your trip to Chicago can be cancelled.   AMA page here.

Separately, AMA has posted all the CPT codes proposed for the May meeting.  See PDF online here. 

There are 54 agenda items, including a number of lab codes that had been rapidly posted for early comment in February.   To comment on a non-pathology code, submit a request-to-comment by April 23 and comment back to AMA by April 30.