Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Very Brief Blog: AMA CPT Posts Agenda for February Meeting in SF (Feb 6-8)

The next AMA CPT editorial panel meeting will be February 6-8, 2020, in San Francisco.
  • The AMA home page for all the 2020 meetings is here (see table of dates at table-symbol).
  • The "Meeting Overview" page is updated on a rolling basis for the next meeting; find it here for the SF meeting.
  • The actual PDF agenda for the February 2020 meeting is here, with a short description of each code proposal.
  • One month after each meeting, a "Summary of Panel Actions" is posted, here.
Pathology codes run on an early public comment cycle, which ran Nov 20-Dec 4 this year.  All other codes up for the February CPT meeting have a comment cycle extending to mid-January.   See the PDF agenda for details.

Lab code proposals include 4 drug assays, a MAAA code for bacterial vaginosis, one single-gene code for BCAT1 IKZF1, four or five additional MAAA codes including for pulmonary and liver fibrosis.  There are two GSP codes (NGS services), one for epilepsy panel and one for copy number analysis.  PLA codes for the January cycle will be voted on for finalization briefly during this CPT meeting.

In other service areas, over a dozen codes for non face to face telehealth services are proposed, and about 36 codes are scheduled for possible deletion due to very low utilization.

Partial view of Feb 2020 Lab CPT Proposals - full PDF here.
Future CPT code cycles in 2020 include February 12 applications for the May 14-16 Chicago meeting, and June 30 applications for the October 1-3 New Orleans meeting.


PLA (Proprietary Lab Analysis) codes have a different calendar; the next deadlines are January 8 and April 1, here.  AMA processes and finalizes PLA codes on a quarterly basis in six weeks or less.  Fourth-quarter 2019 PLA Codes (aka November 2019 PLA Agenda) online here.  There were 13 PLA codes on the November agenda.