Monday, November 4, 2019

CMS Updates PAMA and ADLT Pages; Offers to Create G Codes in Lieu of PLA Codes

I don't have screen shots of every CMS page edition, but I think they've significantly revamped their webpages for PAMA regulations, PAMA reporting, ADLT applications, and rapid quarterly HCPCS codes.

They now have a sort of consolidated PAMA Regulations page under the Clinical Lab Fee Schedule division that offers one-stop shoping, usually to online documents but sometimes to other web pages.

See the CLFS home page here.

See the PAMA regulations home page here.

There are successive sections, each with a few links, for PAMA reporting rules, PAMA reporting computer system, ADLT applications, and an application for a quarterly CMS code (in lieu of a PLA code.)

Of note, there is a webpage, updated 10/15/2019, that I hadn't seen before.  Here, CMS welcomes your quarterly application of a lab code, which will start with "U" (rather than G).  The codes move as fast as PLA codes; for a January 1 deadline, you get an April decision and a July effective date.  CMS won't give you a unique HCPCS code if you have, or if you are applying for, an AMA CPT code.

CMS will issue codes for ADLTs and FDA cleared or approved tests.  The 7 page PDF application is here.