Thursday, August 8, 2019

CMS Posts Summer CLFS Meeting Videos; Posts Expert Panel Price Proposals for New Codes


CMS has posted videos from its three days of summer meetings on how to price new lab codes for CY2020.   90 codes were under review and public comment.    June 24, 2019, was a public comment meeting.  July 22-23, 2019, was an expert panel meeting.

CMS did not post any of these videos for the Summer 2018 cycle a year ago, but responded to community requests to archive the videos of these webcasts.


0722 AM
0722 PM
0723 / AM
0723 PM

Votes !

CMS also posted the voting results of its advisory panel meeting.   See the home page here, see the full 90 page of results PDF here.

Panelists voted in 100% agreement 49 times, and another 12 times they were in greater than 90% agreement.  So 61 times out of 90, the panel agreed >90% one a single choice.

On the other hand, there were 12 votes with the highest ranked choice 70-89%, and 11 votes with the highest ranked choice 50-69%.   6 votes especially widely split, with the highest ranked choice < 50%.

By my tally, there were 28 codes out of 90 where the highest-ranked choice was Gapfill, of which half or 14 were unanimous.  IN one particularly split vote, the highest ranked choice was gapfill at 38% (code 0128U).