Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Very Brief Blog: CMS Updates Test Agenda for June 24 Pricing Meeting - Newest PLA Codes

Every summer, CMS holds public meetings that result in setting prices for new lab codes. 

Regular CPT codes are usually priced the summer before the January when they become effective.  In contrast, PLA codes are released quarterly, so they come into use before they hit the CMS pricing process.

On May 28, CMS updated the agenda of codes to be reviewed in its June 24, 2019 meeting.   See the main webpage here.   See the CMS website zip file of codes on the agenda, here.   I've also made my own cloud copy of the Excel, here

CMS includes codes on the June agenda that were just submitted to the AMA CPT in early April and voted in early May.   Congrats to both AMA CPT staff and CMS staff on keeping up this speedy schedule. 

95 Tests To Be Priced

The prior agenda had 48 items, through 0104U.  The newest agenda has 95 items, through 0148U.

Webcast and Attendance

The CMS CLFS meeting will be webcast, but if last year is example, the webcast may not be archived.  (Several years prior to 2018 had been both webcast and archived).  As of May 29, 85 seats were available (here).