Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Robust Range of New Code Proposals for May 2019 CPT Meeting

There are 56 agenda items now released for the May 2019 AMA CPT meeting in Chicago.   (Note that lab codes were released, and had a comment period, a few weeks ago, here.)
  • See the full line-up of agenda items online at AMA, here.   
Comment on Pending CPT Codes

Stakeholders can request the proposal packet from AMA and then submit comments on it, through April 25 (request to review and comment must be made by April 18).  AMA will review that the commenter has a director interest in the application before releasing it for review.

Cornucopia of Code Proposals

56 agenda items cover a lot of ground.  These range from revised chronic care management codes, to "non face to face review of lab tests," to new codes for superficial radiotherapy, to revised codes for percutaneous ventricular assist devices.  A new code is proposed for transrectal prostate ultrasound ablation, and a range of Cat III codes, such as for "digital questionnaires," for "health coaching," "Tai Chi," "Yoga," and "Meditation Stress Reduction."   Revised instructions are proposed for Mod 51 and Bilateral Procedures.