Friday, January 26, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Invitae's Positioning for Growth (Deck + Investor Article)

Genomics labs struggle to innovate in new ways in a rapidly changing marketplace.

For industry watchers who'd like a snapshot of Invitae's strategy for innovation amongst the turbulence, see an online article at the investor website Seeking Alpha by Los Angeles-based Ophir Gottlieb of Capital Market Laboratories.  It's based on his interview with Invitae CEO Sean George.   Find the essay online here (email registration may be required).   Invitae lays out a complex, multi-dimensional strategic map involving health systems, big data, high test volume, high levels of interaction with patients, multiple routes of interaction and collaboration, etc., hence the heading, "massive disruption."

Gottlieb also posted Invitae's deck from JP Morgan, here, while including a few key screen shots within his essay.

For a Genomeweb (subscription) article on an Invitae's genetic testing pilot presented at Precision Medicine World Conference, here.  For Genomeweb's coverage of Invitae JP Morgan news, here and here.

Genome Medical, a spun-out telegenomics company, raised $11M in early January, here.  Investors include GE Ventures, Kaiser, Illumina, and Canaan Partners.  This adds to $12M raised last year.


Not directly related except as company based genomic innovation, see a December 2017 article on Luna DNA, "offers cryptocurrency to build a community of DNA data," here and a January article  here.