Saturday, May 13, 2017

Brief Blog: CMS Posts All Agenda Files for May-June HCPCS Meetings

CMS has posted all files for its May 16-17-18 and June 7-8 HCPCS code application meetings.   By law, CMS must post agendas for all applications, explaining the applicant's position, the CMS response, hold a public meeting, and post a final decision in the fall with response to comments.

The May 16-17-18 meetings are on drugs; the June 7-8 meetings are on DME and related supplies and equipment.   Generally, applications for major intravenous or physician-administered drugs zip right through.  Everything else has a low chance of being accepted (maybe 5%?)   For example, Medtronic applied for new coding for its 670G artificial pancreas, a widely praised achievement, but CMS turns down its application for a new code.   (Medtronic and stakeholders can attend the meeting and try to convince CMS otherwise.)

Links to the meeting registration (closed for May events; open til about May 20-24 for June events) are posted here:  

The events will be webcast live (exciting!!) - see links at page above.

Agenda items as PDF files are listed here for each of the five days, or in one zip file in the cloud here.

Drug and biologicals have 15, 13, and 11 agenda items (May 16-18), and DME and supplies have 17 and 18 agenda items (June 6-8), or  74 HCPCS agenda items in total. Some represent clusters of several related code items.

Update: Meeting Videos have been posted by CMS for DMEPOS (and other sessions).
DMEPOS, June 7, AM, here.
DMEPOS, June 7, PM, here.
DMEPOS, June 8, AM, here.