Friday, June 3, 2016

NantHealth Has Successful IPO; Raises $91M; Stock Pops

NantHealth scores $91M in its June 2, 2016 IPO.   From an offering price of $14, the share price jumped to almost $18.   With about 5% of the company offered, that suggests a market value in the $2B range.  Open access story at FierceBiotech, here.  LA Times, here.  Nanthealth will provide a broad suite of integrated genomics testing, informatics, EHR, and other services.

Highlights from the SEC IPO prospectus were highlighted on this blog a few weeks ago (here).

In June 2015, the sister company NantKwest went public with a valuation of about $2.6B (here).  The current market cap of NantKwest is less, at $623M (June 3, 2016).  

Follow up - to give a snapshot as of June 9, the stock traded at $15.40, down a bit from an early peak of $18.59, but still representing a market cap of $8.57B.