Friday, September 18, 2015

Tom Norton's Insightful Futurism: Pharma Price Escalation, Key Events, and Public Policy

Pharm Exec is an open source trade journal for the biopharma industry.  One regular author, Tom Norton of a communications consultancy, has written a set of three excellent blogs/articles on pharma pricing trends and political forces.

See the following -
September, 2015 - The Pathway to Public Price Controls (here)
May, 2015 - "Take a Breath" on the Specialty Drug Pricing Issues...? (here)
November, 2014 - How Gilead Blew Out the Lights with Sovaldi (here)

See also:
August, 2015 - 2015 Medicaid Drug Price Controls - The Past is Prologue? (here)

Anyone interested in the future of health policy - whether in drugs or other areas - would benefit from seeing how Norton writes, thinks, and assembles a forward-moving story line.

The September, 2015 article contains links to the California Drug Price Relief Act, which will be on November ballots (here).