Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Links to the CY2016 Proposed Rules (IPPS, OPPS, PFS, ESRD)!

Each year from April to July, CMS  issues annual rulemaking and policymaking proposals for inpatient, outpatient, physician office, renal, and other policy domains.

Links to all are found here, after the break.

CMS annual policymaking for each topic area is released first as a "display copy" rule - essentially a typescript version.   About a week later, each rule is released as a permanent and nicely typeset document as part of the Federal Register.

This year's inpatient (IPPS) proposed rule is:
CMS-1632-P  April 30, 2015
80 Fed Reg 24324-24689, Here.  365pp.
     CMS Zip Files: Here.

This year's outpatient (OPPS/ASC) proposed rule is:
CMS-1633-P July 8, 2015
80 Fed Reg 38913-39376, Here.  463 pp.
     CMS OPPS Zip files at: Here.
     CMS ASC Zip files at: Here.

This year's physician fee schedule (PFS) proposed rule is:
CMS-1631-P July 8, 2015
80 Fed Reg 41686:   Here.
     CMS Zip Files At:  Here.
     Rule & All Zip Files in One Zip File, at GoogleDrive, Here! [18 mb]

This year's ESRD proposed rule is:
CMS-1628-P July 1, 2015
80 Fed Reg 37808-37860, Here.  54 pp. 
     CMS Zip files at: Here

As of July 8, 2015, there has been no CY2016 policymaking announced for DME.   A few pages of such policymaking are usually appended to the ESRD rule, but not this year.

This year's Home Health proposed rule is:
CMS-1625-P, July XX, 2015
Display Text Version:  Here.